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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monday - Llano de Cortes Waterfall!

Back out the gravel road to the Panamerican Highway, where Ariel saw a sign for a waterfall. Another drive down another gravel road led us to a small parking area with a local man sitting in a hammock. A group of volunteers watch over the parking area and waterfall for donations to the local school. Works for us, so we hiked down a hill to a beautiful waterfall! I had actually highlighted the information about this waterfall in one of my guidebooks, but didn't realize it until later. The falls are roughly 40 feet wide, actually slighly wider than they are tall. There was water dripping along the walls of the cliffs all around us. Jim walked along the cliffs back behind the waterfall. I chickened out when I saw how many rocks had fallen from the cliffs...

We cooled off in the pool at the base of the falls.

Ariel, Heather & Jim

And saw local "crocs"!

We saw a snake sliding along a gate near the waterfall (yuk). Then gave the gentleman a nice donation for the school! Back out the gravel road, where we picked up a local man carrying a lot of bags. He suggested our next adventure, "Thermo Mania"!

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