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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Assorted Pictures From Our Ventura Visit ~ Lots of Great Times!

Friday night party with Jennifer, Marsha, John and Dan.
Squished all six of us in John & Jenni's dinghy, with Jenni driving...
Jen, me and Marsha.

Jim, John and "Oh Danny Boy" Dan.

While hanging in John and Jen's cockpit, Roger, Nelson and Pamela kayaked by!Well, Nelson wasn't really kayaking ~ he just riding...
We miss Pam's yoga classes, but she did one for us on Sunday morning on the grass at the top of the dock ~ so great!
And I was able to go to one Monday class.
I need to talk her into moving to La Paz...

And I tried desperately to teach John and Jen's African gray "Fiji" (yes, that is the bird's name) to say, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty".I just know when she finally says that, it won't be in my non-accent, but in John's British mumble of "Heah kidi, kidi".
John, yes I know she is your bird, but quit saying that to her!

I gave Pam and Stan their La Paz SALT! Since they are both such salt fiends and ate every speck of salt on "Meerkat" on the trip down.Watched a stolen boat that was left on the rocks get dragged certainly not towed in to the harbor.The Arrogant Bastard Boys of the trip ~ Stan-the-man, Jim and Timay!

An awesome "Girl's Night" on Nancy's boat, with Cherryl, Pam and Virginia and about a gazillion snacks, a few nice bottles of vino and a movie.
Bought and consumed some nice California wines.
And a bunch even made it to the back of the truck to be brought down to La Paz!

A wonderful visit with our sweet brother-in-law, John and two of the three lovelies: Caitlin and Evann.

And for ONCE I had my camera down in "The Village" so we could act like dorks tourists and pose in the signs with the face holes!
Cait and Evann

Jim and me

4th of July G Dock Party ~ Jim sitting in Judy's princess chair that Walt and Jim fixed for her.John Howard's incredible salmon fish!
Sophie, one of several cool dogs on the dock (sorry Oso and Angel ~ I didn't get any pics of you two...)
My "lichen-removal graffiti" I left for Little Lucy Lowe on her piling.

It took her a few days to find this...
I just told her that I had left her a "gift" and she would have to look for it...

Walking to "The Village" for dinner on our last night ~ John Howard, Jim and Marvin.Lots of fun in Ventura!
Thanks again to everyone!

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Margarita Mirasol said...

Wow! What fun was had!
And this is why I love hanging out with cruisers; indeed, I aim to be one myself!