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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baja Road Trip ~ Day 3 ~ Santa Rosalia to La Paz

Enjoyed a leisurely morning at the beautiful Las Casistas Hotel watching the sun rise over our toes.
You don't even have to get out of bed to see the sunrise here...Made our coffee, checked weather, read some, took showers and slowly packed up.

Drive, drive, drive along the coast and towards Punta Chivato, Mulege and Concepcion Bay.
All the palapa houses are gone at Playa Santispac!
We had heard the Ejido made them all leave and they want to put a hotel or resort there.
It just doesn't look the same...
Lost all of it's charm...

Kept going and drove in to Loreto.
Wow, has Loreto changed...
Not really to our liking either.
It just seemed too squished together, no interesting places to stay along the water and the motels in town had no center courtyard or area to park off the street.
So we decided to continue down the road.

We went in to Puerto Escondido to check out the hotel at Tripui RV Park.
It has been beautifully re-done since the devastating fire that wiped out the RV Park.
And they are charging for it too...
$120 plus tax a night - YIKES!
And after paying $60 at Santa Rosalia...
And $47 at Guerrero Negro.
So once again, continued on down the road.

Drive, drive, drive over the mountains.
Watched out for semi trucks that seem to slide into our lane a lot.
Watched out for goats and cows.
And kept going in to La Paz arriving before 6:00 pm!

Back to the dirty boat, with the 4" of marine sanctuary growing on the bottom (which we had surgically removed today), back to hot weather, to slowly unloading the lowrider.
John was waiting for us and joined us for dinner ~ early to bed and OH SO HAPPY to be back in our own bed!

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