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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Carol and Wayne's Of "Capricorn Cat" Birthday Celebration!

It was Carol's birthday yesterday, so a celebration was in order!
Wayne's birthday is two days after her's so we celebrated his as well because if he thinks we are going out to dinner again tomorrow night and staying up til really, really late, he is CRAZY!

But first we had to get them off of their boat...
Not quite sure what they were doing when we went to get them...Not sure I want to know...

And give Wayne his birthday bottle of "Arrogant Bastard" Ale!Then the walk down the Malecon where we saw the preparations for a "Gay Parade"!
Wayne wanted to pose with the King and his family and he will talk to anyone, which is why we kept losing him during the evening... so he arranged this picture!These guys were great ~ we loved their decorations!

We would have loved to stay and watch the parade, but Dave and Kellie of "Sweet Lorraine" were meeting us at Las Tres Virgenes Restaurant in less than five minutes...
So found a cab and away we went.
I, of course had a few birthday decorations for the birthday couple and the party guests!

Dinner was excellent ~ I enjoyed medallions of filet with jalapeno sauce.Like I said, I enjoyed my dinner...Then Carol's birthday dessert!

Carol had brought some people decorations too!Looks just like something I would have bought...

Then the walk back ~ sent Dave and Kellie off to Costa Baja in a cab and we meandered back towards Marina de La Paz.

Found "Sidewalk Hazard #4 ~ The Decapitation Tree". Found a giant watermelon VW Bug Convertible. Found a karaoke bar ~ one that luckily there was no way we could be talked into singing any of these songs... Had a glass of really bad Mexican boxed wine in a cool Alta California wine tasting glass... Watched the hundreds and hundreds of locals cruising the Malecon at midnight... Stopped at Salsipuedes for one last drink, which included a tequila shot for the birthday girl!

And got back to the boat at 1:00 am...Which is why Wayne does not get his own birthday party tomorrow!

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