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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baja Road Trip Book ~ A Quick Easy Read!

Ann Hazard is famous with Baja cruisers and Baja ex-pats for her cooking books, "Cooking With Baja Magic" and "Cooking With Baja Magic Dos", which both include wonderful recipes, information on the places and people the recipes come from and stories of her travels.

John found her novel, "Cartwheels in the Sand" up in the book exchange ~ a signed copy, no less...

If you have ever done a Baja road trip, this will remind you of your trip (except for the characters ~ the didn't remind me of anyone)!
The descriptions of the road, the views, the places, the restaurants, the Pemex stations, the people and the atmosphere are right on!

The story follows four women doing month-long road trip camping in a motorhome. If you can get past some of the crap the women discuss and the cattiness, it's a good, quick read that will "take you there".

So Mom, Bob and Nancy, if you are missing our "Baja Road Trips" we had SO much fun on... here ya go!

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