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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Gary!

So a very happy birthday to my only brother, Gary!
Who is all alone in Charlotte, NC today, as his wife and oldest daughter flew to Paris to see middle daughter, and son is now living in Myrtle Beach, NC.
Sorry you are alone today Gary, but hope you have a wonderful b-day anyway!

This is when he was little...

And with his son who when he was little looked identical to Gary when he was little (did you follow that?)...

And when our parents dressed him in dorky playsuits...My favorite picture of the two of us when we were kids!
I must be standing on a chair or table...When he was a racecar driver and had more hair than his four sisters with our Dad.When he was a reindeer one Christmas...When Dad took him back to his birthplace, Japan for the 50th anniversary of the bombing.And with his lovely wife, Sarah and three wonderful kids, Laina, Renee and Zak (who we all miss SO much)!Happy, Happy Birthday Gary!
At least you won't have to share your beer with anyone today!


Suzie said...

Well, Gary, Kirby says, "Hi!" and "Happy Birthday!". You could come to Charleston for the weekend. We are only about 2 hours away and we could celebrate your birthday with some of Kirby's home brewed ales.

Heather, I guess I didn't realize you had a brother who lives so close to us. Love your blog! It is the best!
Love you - Suzie and Kirby

Margarita Mirasol said...

I absolutely love your birthday tributes to your family. The old pics, new pics, all the pics. They show lives lived, growing. I love that.
Happy Birthday to your brother.
Thanks for sharing.