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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday was a Boat Day

I did five loads of laundry, which included the sheets and comforter covers off of two bunks.
That in inself is work, because I have to hang the sheets and covers on the lifelines to dry and in the process try not to drag the sheets across the deck, as there is always some dust somewhere...
Then make the two bunks, one being a v-berth in the starboard hull and the other our queen in the port hull.
That is real "work"...
Because! You have to crawl on top of the sheets as you are making the bunks!
Remember it's been 90-95 degrees inside the boat with humidity lately...
For you boaters, you will understand this.
For you landers, try making your bed next time while always being on top of the bed.
No cheating by walking around the bed.
Pretend there are walls around all sides of your bed except one, which is pretty high off of the floor.
It's fun!

Then I converted one comforter cover from a king size to a queen size ~ measured, sewed and cut off the excess.

Then I sewed up the fronts of a bunch (maybe 15?) of shirts that needed some altering.
This would have been easy, but when we were cleaning out our storage in Alta California, I found a huge supply of different colors of thread.
Mostly silk and mostly ancient...
So it was kind of disentegrating on me after a few stitches and making for a half hour job on each shirt instead of a three minute job.
Oh so many different colors ~ so many times to fill the bobbin!
Whose thread was this anyway? Mom's? Grandma's? Sarah's?

I also washed some dishes, put two small pre-marinated chickens in the crockpot, cleaned the floor, put towels on the settee (sweating too much ~ need to protect the cushions).

What else?

Made limeade.
Took a shower.
Ate dinner.
Jim cleaned up.
Jim bought coffee beans.

What else?

Read some.
Doinked around on the internet watching tropical weather.
Watched a little "Explora" on Joost about native dress on people in Zimbabwe.
And some about tigers in India.
Went to bed and sweated.

The nights have changed... not so cool anymore...


Anonymous said...

Jim and Heather,
Boat beds make you appreciate the end result so much more! Playin Hooky has 4 walls with just a small opening for crawling in and out. I feel your pain but try adding some more challenge, do it when you've had a whole bottle of Cab!
Have not checked in for awhile and realized this was the week that Jason and I were trying to come for a visit. Maybe later this year!
Really will appreciate the air cond as we dose off tonight. Cindy and I will toast yu both as we lounge in the pool under the shimmering lights of our $2 tiki torches drinking sangria.
Stay cool,

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Hey Scott - this winter when you are freezing your ass off in Duarte or wherever you live now, lemme know k?
Wish you guys could have come this week - hope Jason isn't still working 21 days on fighting fires. Hi to all of your family!

Anonymous said...

Go girl, I feel your pain! Hey love your pics. Just bought a new Canon Rebel XTi and hope to get good enough to capture some pics like you. Any advice?

We are sitting in MDR after a trip to Isthmus. Warranty work should be done soon and we will head back to Ventura. Still working on the November plan. Stay cool!
Lisa s/v Blue Aweigh

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Hey Lisa!
Just carry the camera with you everywhere and take 10 times the pics you think you should be taking...
Hi to your family!