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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Night at Arenal - Thurs 05-10-07 (Happy Birthday to our niece Jennifer!)

After the major souvenir shopping, hiking and exploring it was time to head back to the lovely Hotel Arenal Manoa. I did forget to pack the ever important corkscrew... but the rental car crowbar served as a great double!

And also time to open a few more of the remaining mystery bags. The first one:

And the result of the mystery bag! We walked up the road to the restaurant in the dark like this... Luckily we were the only people around! The waitresses loved it! They had to try them on, but were laughing too hard to get the "stay still and don't move" instructions for a clear picture... They were both so cute and nice - they were having as much fun as we were.

And then the dinner! WOW - talk about presentation! Take a look at my Thai soup!

Polynesian Chicken! And Jim's tenderloins of something or other!

The food was great!! We ended up walking back into the kitchen and giving Alba and her two lovely lady helpers a round of applause! Then they had fun with the glow in the dark glasses.

We left the glow in the dark glasses for the ladies to play with and headed back to our room for a final mystery bag and a glass of wine. This lantern was in a bag labeled "for a dark night". It made a great night light as we sat on our patio watching a tiny red glow at the top of the volcano and the toads waiting in the grass.

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Terry Sailingknitter said...

We have so enjoyed your Costa Rica adventures! Great photos - sure wish we could have been with you guys as it looks like you had a lot of fun. Can't wait to get there (in 2008?).
Heading to the Paradise Marina next week for the hurricane season,
Terry & Jonesy on Niki Wiki