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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Fav ~ Punta Mangles

I guess the whole Sea of Cortez is my favorite...

We had bypassed Punta Mangles on "Thistle" because we saw buildings on the beach and cliff.
Hmmmmm... should have stopped!
Because they are abandoned buildings, which are always fun to explore.

Where's Waldo Jim?

We shared the anchorage with Deb & Greg of "Lion's Paw" and Rick & Karen of "Eyes of the Squirrels World".
Had a great hora feliz on "Eyes" and then sent Deb back to be the net control on the Southbound Net a little buzzed and we got to torment her.

But before all of that, we explored the abandoned hotel project, adjoining houses and found some great shells on the beach!

We watched the fog come in.
Where are we, back in SoCal?

That was a little creepy, so back to the boats.

Checked out the cactus growing out of the rock cliffs.Then motored North the next day along the beautiful red and black cliffs.Watched Rick & Karen explore the caves.Ick, sea caves...
Remind me to tell you about the second time we went into Painted Cave...

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