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Sunday, June 21, 2009

"D Ticket Ride" to San Juanico and A Lovely "A Ticket Ride" to Turtle Bay!

We are putting some miles under these hulls!
We left Magdalena Bay at midnight I think??
What day is it anyway?
And bypassed Santa Maria Bay.
Once we rounded Cabo San Lazaro, we fell off and headed towards San Juanico.
We had a nice motorsail doing mid 9's and even got over 10 knots off and on.
Yipee ~ fast is good.
The wind started really picking up when we got close to the anchorage and we had a good 25 knots when anchoring.
Jim got to experience the "trying to keep the bows into the wind in 25 knots while anchoring thing" that I have experienced so many times...
Ha ha ha!
But it was flat!
A nice hora feliz, a nice dinner and nice sleep until 1:30 am, when it was time to do it all over again.
Out of San Juanico at a little after 2 am, with "Capricorn Cat" on a leash behind us.
And now the lovely A Ticket...
Smooth, calm seas.
Little wind.
So we continued past Abreojos, past Hipolito, past Asuncion and made an attempt at going into Bahia San Roque.
That wasn't going to work.
25 knots on the beam and 25 pangas at anchor.
Skip that.
Head back to Asuncion.
But wait!
Turtle Bay is only 40 more miles!
And it's beautiful out!
So "Capricorn Cat" suggested pressing on.
Good suggestion.
Dinner underway with freshly made focaccia bread and a pasta casserole.
The Eaters Crew ate it and enjoyed it.
A nice easy motorsail Northward and we were inside the Bay by 1 am.
Anchored by 1:30 am.
So an awesome 23 1/2 hour run from San Juanico to Turtle!
Just fueled up, checking weather, talking with "Allegria", "Bristol Blue" and "Capricorn Cat" making our next passage plans.
One more big hurdle to go ~ the jump off from the North end of Cedros Island.


Suzie said...


Doug and Carla Scott said...

You guys are really hauling butt! Nice to hear that you are doing so well. Almost there!

judith said...

Wow, before you know it you are going to be needing socks.