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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Invasion of the Mega Yachts

Sounds like a bad movie, doesn't it?
It sure has happened here on the Pacific side of Mexico.
I can't even imagine what it is like in the Caribbean...
When we were here on "Thistle" in the old days, we saw one of these.
One time.
But it did have a helicopter.
Now they are everywhere, including in front of us and next to us.
They anchor in the hook at Isla San Francisco.
Agua Verde.
And literally take over Ensenada Grande.

This is one we saw at Ensenada Grande a few years back.

They don't all have helicopters.

But they all have Florida porch lights and generators they run all night.
And jet skis.
Always jet skis.
Why is that?
You never see jet skis on a sailboat.

So my plan is to buy one of these.And get really, really good at flying it.
I will paint a little heli-pad on the top of the bimini.
Fly my little remote control helicopter off of my very own heli-pad and buzz the big boys mega yachts.
For fun.
For laughs.
If they have a sense of humor.
I guess I could do it with remote control jet skis too... but I think there is an un-written law somewhere that states you cannot have a jet ski on a sailboat.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

When I take my mega yacht with it's fleet of helicopters up to your area I expect, nay DEMAND, that you are proficient at flying your r/c copters. Cus they'd just look so cool!

"Seattle" Heather said...

I would pay money to watch you buzz a mega yacht with your r/c copter!

1st Mate said...

Ugh! Having a jetski negates the whole idea of a sailboat! No, for sailboats it's kayaks and boogie boards. Speaking of boogie boards: when do we get to see a photo of you on yours?

Elizabeth said...

I dunno, I could live on one of those mega yachts quite easily-looks like heaven to me.

Yes, I make granola bars every once in a while because the store bought ones have way too much sugar and whatever else in them. I found a recipe online that is pretty easy and uses honey and brown sugar, which I substitute with the splenda brown sugar. They pretty much taste like a very oaty cookie.

Jennifer said...

Thats it I need a mega yacht and a helicopter!! Do you remember Joseph's imgainary friend named helicopter??

judith said...

I feel the same way when I'm on my deck (the one attached to my house not the one on my imaginary boat) and the 4 wheelers are zooming up and down the street.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Bliss - the boogie board pics are posted, but back in March in Tenacatita on my b-day! Me wearing a crown on a boogie board...
Yeah, Jenn I remember that. Your bro was one goofy kid. Cute, but goofy!

Anonymous said...

wow, haven't seen a get ski all day :) just a few cows.
I remember when our neighbor was following you and Jim in your dingy with his remote speed boat.
He always threatened to put a knife on it and chase people around the harbor. always in need of entertainment.
love you blog i have so much fun reading it.
love and miss you
Jorie and Charlie