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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Disneyland! Oops, I Mean Cabo San Lucas!

Actually, I love Disneyland.

This is more like crossing over to the dark side or being in hell.
Not sure which, as they are probably the same thing...

And in reality, this is not bad!

It's rolly during the day when we are surrounded, and I mean surrounded, by jet skis, parasailing boats, pangas, pirate boats, banana boats, glass bottom boats and a gazillion other floating ways of sucking the tourists dry of their hard-earned pesos...

At sunset at least a dozen giant catamarans, pirate boats and sunset dinner cruise boats do the "Disneyland Main Street Parade" between our boat and the beach, then head around to the arch and circle like covered wagons.

One giant cat did give me an idea of cool, blue mood lighting...
Jim quickly said no to that idea however...

Plans are to head around Cabo Falso at first light tomorrow morning for our trip to Bahia Magdalena ~ at least a 24 hour run.
So today, I am pre-cooking meals.
Hard boiling eggs.
And getting snacks ready for a quick grab.
Stowing the boat.
Buying a few fresh veggies.
And blogging.
Hey ~ some things are really important!


Doug and Carla Scott said...

Being in Los Cabos will make you crazy enough that you WANT to bash north.

Hopefully, you will have a nice calm bash!

Miss you all ready!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ha ha - I read your comment after I typed the next post. So true. I can't wait to bash!
Get me the hell out of here!

judith said...

Hey they missed a seat on that yellow float... what the hell are they thinking?