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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Pilsbury Dough People" or "PDP's"

My boat is now full of "PDP's".
I have gone from wearing a pair of surf shorts and a bathingsuit top to wearing half of my clothes in less than a week.
By half of my clothes, I mean half of the clothes I own.
At one time.
Fleece socks.
Fleece pants.
A long sleeved shirt.
A fleece pullover over that.
A second fleece pullover over the first fleece pullover over the long sleeved shirt.
I do, however refrain from wearing a beanie (probably because I am not 100% sure of where it is).
The eaters crew, the two that flew in from Southern California a few weeks ago are amazlingly enough, dressed as PDP's too.
Beanies, sweatpants, multiple shirts and jackets.
And the husband?
The one I have not seen in long pants in a year and a half?
He too, is dressed as a "PDP".

1 comment:

judith said...

Dang it, now I really feel bad that I haven't made your socks.