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Saturday, June 6, 2009

San Juanico ~ Not A Fav Place!

As beautiful and interesting as it is, San Juanico so far has a record of three out of three.
Three out of three days we have been there is has been windy and lumpy.
Windy and lumpy when we were there back in 2000 on "Thistle".
And windy and not quite as lumpy both days we were there on "Meerkat".
Yes, even lumpy on a cat...
Notice how the boat on the left is rocking and rolling.The lady on the boat on the right decided to hate me as I was hanging laundry out and she wasn't able to cook anything other than macaroni and cheese...
But then we met on the beach and it was all good.
It is a really pretty place just lumpy.
Great sunrises.Great geological formations.Great finding of obsidian chunks.Great views of the anchorage from great hiking trails.Interesting things on the beach.The cruiser shrine, which I have mixed feelings on...
Seems kind of trashy, but fun to leave our mark.
I tried to make it out of natural found items, but fishing line, as much as it is found it not natural...

Well eventually the lump got old, so we hiked over to La Ramada Cove to see what it looked like and how full it was.
Flat as a lake and empty!
So motored out of the lump, around the corner to Lake La Ramada Cove.We called the other boats and told them how great it was and suggested they come over, but none did and the next day said that night was the worst ever!
We swam naked, beachcombed and Jim found the find of the trip!

A big box of brand new lures!
On top of having a beautiful, calm anchorage to ourselves!

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judith said...

That Jimbo is one lucky dude! Must have been that hat he was wearing. I left my mark on a post in Jost Van Dyke, you'll have to email me if you want to know what I wrote. I don't know if I should say it here.