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Monday, June 29, 2009

"Pepina Rae", "Pepina Rae" Oops, I Mean "Grace" This is "Meerkat"

Everyone ready for another "Jim and Heather Small World Story"?
I had briefly talked to a couple of guys in Ensenada at the marina, then recognized them here in San Diego.
They were at the Customs Dock just before us and then we were docked right behind them for a couple of days.
So I chatted with the owner, Donn who said he did a straight-shot from Puerto Vallarta to Ensenada.
I asked him how long he had the boat and why he did a straight-shot blah, blah, blah.
Then something clicked and I got goosebumps.
Then I asked him if the boat used to be named "Pepina Rae" and he said yes!
Well, our really, really good friends Ray and Lucy used to have "Pepina Rae" parked 3' away from our prior boat, "Thistle" back in the old days in Ventura.
Back in 1993.
Then we cruised Mexico with them from 1997 to 2000.
So after I figured this out, I yelled for Jim!
We were both pretty amazed to have our boat parked once again with "Pepina Rae".
Sorry, Donn, she will always be "Pepina Rae" to us...So Donn let me go inside and visit her.
Have a little chat with her.
Pat her.
He let us help him turn the boat around when he was getting to leave.
And asked that I let him know when I put this on my blog...


Suzie said...

All I can say is - Wow! Pepina Rae!! You have probably made Lucy cry with this one even though that was not your intent - it has made me a little misty eyed, that is for sure! The boating world is small for sure. I hope you gave that teak interior that I cleaned all the mildew off of a big pat and love for me!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Pepina Rae's Grace looks like a boat I'd trust in a storm. Very seaworthy looking gal!

judith said...

I think you really do know everyone, you're just like a little Miss Congeniality.

Markitos said...

Wow talk about a small world !! Im allmost next door. I was putting on new solar panels and saw what looked like Meerkat and then ....ding!! I know that boatin-blogger!! Welcome back.. M

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Markitos - where is your boat?? We are at the police docks right now. The only cat here and we look different than the other ones because of the turquoise around the cabin. We will be here til July 7th.

Ray and Lucy said...

Wow!! What a small world. She looks wonderful and it doesn't surprise me he did a straight shot. The old battle axe is so strong and comfortable it can make the bash a little more tolerable. And yes we both shed a few tears over this one. Thank you guys so much for bringing us back in time. Love you both.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Well Ray and Lucy, it's a good thing they left yesterday, heading to Morro Bay or she would have heard you call her a "battle axe"... instead of pretty girl, lovely boat, or some sweet thing. I a sure she would have appreciated the strong and comfortable however... Other people walking by said how strong she looked.
It was really cool! Hugs and love to you - sorry I made you cry...

Lucy Coltrane said...

OMG Heather! I just can't believe our beloved Pepina Rae is docked right next to you! Ray and I both teared when we saw that picture. Please take more for us. We both said we'd take that boat back in a heartbeat. Kirby is right, there are so very many memories attached to that boat. I can't think of a bad one right now except the engine getting seawater in it while in Barra de Navidad...that was depressing. I am thrilled to see that Don made good use of the enclosure. We absolutely loved it on the trip down the hill and suspect it was invaluable on the trip up.

That boat has a huge place in both our hearts. After all, she was our home and play toy for 13 wonderful and special years. We are sitting here remembering all the special people that we ate and drank with in that gorgeous cockpit...very heartwarming and special. We love each and every person who helped make that time of our lives so special. You and Jim, Kirby and Suzie, Nick, Charles, John Francis, John Howard, Lou and the countless cruising buddies from Mexico. We sure wish we could go back in time, but we all know that is impossible. We have to settle for the grandest of memories.

1st Mate said...

Did she really make a straight shot from PV to Ensenada? No stops? Wow, she must have some enormous water and fuel storage. Or else she had a phenomenal weather window.

Lucy Coltrane said...

1st Mate: Unless the new owner changed the tank capacity (I know he worked on the tanks) she holds 300 gals of water and 300 gals of fuel. You can go anywhere in that wonderful boat. She's stout and rides like a dream. She's comfortable and takes the weather and seas great. The 32' Westsails really earned the name "Wet Snails", but the 42's are not that slow. They are not going to win any races except endurance, but they certainly hold their own respectably. Can you tell I miss her terribly?