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Friday, June 5, 2009

Fast Forward to La Paz

I don't want to put too many Sea of Cortez pictures in a row...
Too many people will want to go there!
So how about a little La Paz life?
Our awesome crew is here ~ Timay and Stanwich!
It was like Christmas in June when they un-packed!Parts, filters, Scotch, wine, books, receipts.
Yikes, we owe Tim a lot of money...

Our project lists are getting shorter.
And the boat is getting lower in the water.
There are now twenty-three 12-packs of Tecate on the boat.I kind of feel that if I keep shopping, we won't have to leave.
We won't have to do the Baja Bash motorsail North with Southerly component...

"Capricorn Cat" has also arrived and will be bashing motorsailing North with a Southerly component with us!
Wayne as usual needed a little help.
Would you keep these shorts?I didn't think so.
Most people would have tossed them eons ago.
Apparently he likes them, so in between shopping, stowing, organizing, cleaning, cooking and re-writing my project list, I sewed them up for him.


Doug and Carla Scott said...

Looks like you are getting close to heading North. Hope it all goes smoothly!

Sorry to say, I didn't get your dog yet. Guess we have to go back!

judith said...

But did they bring Starbucks coffee? I would have brought you coffee and a pair of socks to wear once you get to the far North.

capricorncat08 said...

jomamma....now that is what I call a good friend! maybe some warm mittens too.

judith said...

Yeah, I can handle (no pun intended) that too.