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Monday, August 11, 2008

Again, Make the Ships Go Outside The Santa Barbara Channel!

In reading the local Ventura (where we used to live) newspaper online this morning, I read an article about volunteers trying to document and protect the whales in The Santa Barbara Channel.

Click on my post title above to be taken to this article.

Last summer after three whales turned up dead either floating or on the beach, I did a post where I suggested the ships go outside the channel while the whales are in the channel.

The ships are currently being asked to "slow down to 12 knots".
That is 13.809 miles per hour and these ships weigh on the average (according to wikipedia): 103,463 gross tons.
103,463 gross tons hitting you at 13.809 miles per hour.
That is still going to hurt.Photo swiped from NOAA Photo Library.
Hmmmmm... close call for Mr. Whale.

Here is a another photo I swiped from the article.
In this one Mr. and Mrs. Whale are lucky.
They aren't being forced to play chicken with a container ship that outweighs them by 103,461 tons.Photo outright stolen from Anthony Lombardi (thank you Anthony - I am just trying to make a point here.)

Ships - pick on someone your own size or GO OUTSIDE THE CHANNEL!

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