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Friday, August 22, 2008

Scenes from Yesterday

No, not the 100 year ago yesterday.
When we had rain in the middle of the day, not in the late afternoon.
And some beautiful thunderheads all afternoon.As I said before, we love clouds now!
We love rain now!
Jim hated rain when we lived in Alta California.
Now we pray for clouds and rain...
We loved the sun in Alta California.
Now we want shade at all times.

The late afternoon was beautiful as well.
Interesting lighting and colors.

Today we have clouds 360 degrees all around us.
But no clouds above.
No rain yet either, but there is still time!
The thunderheads are building to the South Southeast.
Come on thunderheads!


Anonymous said...

what a great picture of reflections! Love it!

Kirby is back to California! Said he is loaded with pictures from Lee's camera! Yea!

judith said...

Great pictures. The desert does make for some great cloud formations and fabulous sunsets.

Hopefully Jolea will get on a boat on the West coast soon.