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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More on The Olympic Games

Where have I been the last several years?

When did jumping on a trampoline become an Olympic sport?
I bet The Man Show had something to do with this one...
You know, "And now girls jumping on trampolines!"

When did synchronized diving become an Olympic sport?
And why two people?
Let's make it harder ~ have eight or ten or even twenty people dive at the same time.

That was always the easy way out of PE class...


I get the synchronized swimming thing (sort of ~ Jim just laughs).
But where is the Esther Willams' aspect of this "sport"?
Why only two girls?
I want to see twenty women with noseplugs on trying not to drown.
And why not men?

Why are some sports for one sex and not the other?
I want to see guys doing backflips on the balance beam.
In Junior High the girls always had to do the parallel bars ~ why is this only for men now?

Why only synchronized diving and swimming?
John wants to see synchronized boxing.
I personally want to see synchronized trampolining and synchronized badminton.
And maybe at the same time.
Do a flip and hit the birdie or is that flip the birdie?

The horse is doing all the work.
And if equestrian is in there, what about all the other cowboy sports?
Bull riding, cattle roping, barrel racing, bronc riding...

Rifles, pistols, skeet.
What about Uzi, semi-automatics and sawed off shotguns?

Table Tennis?
How about a game from my high school days ~ Beer Pong?

And here are some other Olympic Games that I would like to see:

Unicycling ~ no end to this one!
They could have
100 meters,
a marathon,

Yoga ~ who can stay in downward facing dog the longest and with the best form?
Skateboarding ~ wait, is that already in there?
Carol wants to see jump roping.

I want to see hopscotch.

What about bowling?
Roller Skating ~ Inline 1000 meter, roller derby style where they beat the crap out of each other...
Skim boarding
Stilts ~ 100 meter, 400 meter, relays, marathons...

Pogo Sticks ~ 50 yard dash, pogo stick over the pole vault bar...

Hula Hoops!
Who can go the longest?
Who has the best tricks?

Four Square
Caber Toss (hey, they have the hammer throw, why not this?)
Dodge Ball (oops, that might be in there somewhere too)

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
(it's very similar to archery!)

Chutes and Ladders

The list is endless...


judith said...

OMG... you think just like me! Yikes! Sorry this will be huge...
All I remember about Trampoline being in the Olympics was that my 7th grade PE teacher told us it was in the Olympics when we asked why there was a trampoline in the gym that no one ever used. "Because it's in the Olympics."
I'm with you on the Ester Williams sync diving and swimming... bring on 50 people and then show us your stuff.
Badminton...love it, but let's see how hard you can kill that birdie, the team that trashes the most birdies wins, that's how we always played it. Handball? Didn't see that one.
Guys are too afraid to get on the balance beam, their feet are too big and they are terrified of that crotch drop move the girls do.
Oh no, girls never did the parallel bars where I was from they only did uneven bars.
Sync boxing, or tag team.
Equestrian, yeah the horse is doing all the work, it just wouldn't work with a tiny guy riding a fat guy around through all those jumps.
And only the Aussies are into those dangerous American Rodeo sports, the rest of the world thinks we're crazy... crazy? We don't turn the trailer full of bucking stock down a narrow alleyway and wait at the other end for them to run us down.
I agree on the shooting sports, but lets shoot at something more entertaining than a little orange disk.
They should throw in some drinking games to see who really competes although we'd have to go up against the Aussies and Germans in the beer drinking categories. Scary!
Yoga... down dog is easy, lets do the needle, or one of those one legged standing arms locked under one leg through the crotch and make that free leg stick up by your head thingy.
Surfing would be good and your roller skating is a great idea. Love the stilts and pogo stick over the pole vault bar...
Hula Hoops...Four Square...Dodge Ball, ok now you are out of the Olympics and into Field Day or Sports day as Maria calls it. And you won't get many viewers if we have to watch an everyday event.
You have a great list of ideas, can't wait to see your letter from the IOAC or whatever it is. I'm sure we'll see some new events in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful! And I agree with you! I want the hula hoop! I used to be pretty good but it would kill me today!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yeah - bring on the drinking games! Jomamma is bringing the wine!
Oh yeah - I forgot the "running from the bull" game. That's always a fun one. I'm sure Spain will take the gold.
I'll see if I can come up with some more for the list. It's the kind of crap I think about at 3am when I can't sleep...

Jennifer said...

There is talk that Skateboarding will replace baseball or softball since this is the last year for those 2. Trampoline was new I think 8 years ago,and at one point that had 2 team members. I have not seen that event yet this year so I am not sure if they are doing that or not. Now if Monoply was a sport in the Olympics then Jeremy would for sure be on the team. He seems to never lose!!

judith said...

I'll bring beer for the drinking game, there will have to be a burping category, the alphabet, national anthems, reading from phone books.

Luck you, I think of this stuff during the day... it pushes the normal thoughts out of my head.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Bowling and skateboarding have both been demo events. And to think I coulda been a medalist if I'd kept up with the bowling, sigh...

I personally don't like it when a sport is added that is "judged". Very subjective.

Now, the beer drinking would be interesting! The poms could definitely be the dark horse; going against the two powerhouses: germans and aussies. Yanks would be highly touted, but once they switched up to real beer (8 to 10%) they'd be out on their feet.

Boonie (David Boon, aussie cricketer) drank 52 beers on the flight to England in 1983 for the Ashes tournie. That didn't include the tinnies he had in the airport lounge, either. Every two years (ashes is held once every two years) one of either the poms or the aussies try to break Boonies record. No barfing and no passing out. It's a neat tradition. Rod Marsh held the record with 45 (some doubt as to whether he really finished #45). Boonie blew him out of the water! Remember: effects of alcohol are doubled at high altitudes.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ok, so we won't have the beer drinking contest in an airplane. 52 beers on a flight? Yikes. Was this maybe one of those weeklong flights? Like the time I flew from Los Angeles to Amsterdam direct? It took a week.
Huh? What are poms and ashes?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Aussie slang: Poms = brits.

Ashes: Cricket tournie that the poms cry about when we kick their pommie butts. See, over a hundred years ago a touring aussie cricket team beat the poms on their home ground. So the losing side (the poms) burned the stumps and declared that cricket was dead --ya know, just cus the poms weren't the best at it *ahem*. The ashes of the burned stumps are in an urn, and the poms think (for some reason) they have a right to it --hey, weren't they the ones who burned it in the first place? The tournie is held every two years, alternating countries. So the aussies only have a shot once every four years to break the beer record on the flight. The poms try, but they never come close :)

Pommie Bashing: great aussie tradition at any sporting event when the poms are visiting. Always involving copious amount of beer.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Oh those silly pommies, trying to outdrink the Aussies! Let's bash them! Oh wait, where was I born? Oh yeah - SCOTLAND... oopsie. No worries, anyone can outdrink me with beer! Now if you bring out a good Zinfandel... or a Merlot... hmmmmmmmm

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Scots aren't poms! Scots are cool! My mum-in-law is a Callendar, which used to be the McGregor clan. So you could say I've married into a Jedi clan? :)

Oh, the pommie bashing was with tongue firmly in cheek. Even the pom sportsdudes are good natured about it... mostly...

Mmmmmmmm... highland scotch... ahhhhhh...

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yea - I'm not a pom!
Bash away!