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Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday Night On The Town (if you can call it that...)

Time for a night "walkabout".
We talked "Capricorn Cat" and "ZaZa" into participating wow, there is a bunch of participaters here, although "ZaZa" didn't quite last the entire walk about town ~ maybe only half....

But first we have to prepare.
Frozen waters, cameras, pesos and a destination.
Then Capricorn Cat's wet white shirt contest heat prevention in the form of wet clothes.Carol won, no Wayne won, no Carol won, no Wayne did... depends on how you look at this...

Our destination for the evening was the town square by the Cathedral ~ supposed to have "traditional Mexican music".
Then hot dogs.

But first a walk down The Malecon, where we found chicks beating the crap out of each other a female boxing match.Hmmmmm... now I have seen everything.

We found where the skateboarding park has been relocated to (which my Mom will be really, really happy about, so she doesn't hear clink, clank, slam, slap, clink, clank all night when staying at Los Arcos Cabanas)!We think the community skateboard park is a good thing (just not right next to a hotel) as it keeps the little guys busy and hopefully keeps them out of trouble.

Then the "traditional Mexican music" at the bandstand at the Zocolo.This was the most un-traditional Mexican music we had ever heard.
So untraditional, this is when Greg and ZaZa departed.
The music was more like a school band, but it was still something to do!

Then Wayne and Carol departed... Hmmmmmm...
Actually they went on the search for water and ended up buying stencils.
Stencils ~ Water - yes I see a correlation!
While they were shopping we found a displaced building.
We think this building was originally from Key West and came here on a hurricane whim.

It certainly doesn't fit in here.
But the more I walk about La Paz, the more interesting buildings and architecture and stores and people and signs and fruit and food and cow parts and trash and sidewalk hazards and blah blah blah I find.
I loved this one!
But, hey I like Florida.

Then to eat dogs from a sidewalk vendor and THE COOL THING watch The Olympics at the same time!And to finish the evening off, excellent ice cream at the best ice cream place in town!And of course I have to post lots of pictures of Wayne and Carol, so Carol can steal them off of my blog and put on her blog...

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