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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Devin & Jamie's Visit ~ Part 2

So no visit to La Paz is complete without a trip to Bahia de Los Suenos - no I will never, ever call that bay "Bahia de Los Suenos", it will always, always be "Bahia de Los Muertos" to me! Just because they re-named it for marketing purposes to the "Bay of Dreams", it does not mean I will call it that. It will always be "Bay of the Dead" to me. So much more interesting. Bahia de Los Muertos and La Torquesa.

A first at Muertos ~ NOT one boat in the water.
No pangas, no sailboat, no powerboats.
The pangas are all moved to the North side of Punta Arena for protection from the summer "southerlies".
It was actually pretty strange to see.

Then to the lots for sale at La Torquesa.
To get above the brush that would be cleared when a house is built, we suggest you get a couple feet up in elevation.
So please climb on the car.
Really, it will give you an idea of the view!

This was my view, as I did not climb on the car.But still a beautiful view of Isla Cerralvo and the Cerralvo Channel!

Then to the "most beautiful beach in Baja"!
The water was the perfect temp ~ Devin, Jamie, Jim and I all went for a swim and did NOT want to get out!

But again, those crowds, hoards and masses of people here!

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