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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Last Supper...

Actually it was a thank you dinner for all the help Jim gave Wayne on the computer and software headache...
But we won't talk about that or Carol will want to smash the computer or possibly Wayne.
And a "last supper" with "Capricorn Cat", as they are going up into the Sea for a bit.
Well, they are just going for a week or so then returning, so we will probably have a "last supper #2" then.
Would you two hurry up and get the hell out of our slip already?

A new place was discovered!

We all loved the decor and ambiance, however the food was not as good as a few other places.
We still had a great time!
Susan and Dennis of "Two Can Play" joined us.

The courtyard was beautiful!
Lounging areas, a beautiful fountain made of old bottles, the old cistern (Aljibe means cistern) ~ quite lovely!
And fun to explore...

Wayne really liked
looking down into
the cistern...

The waiter invited
us in to the wine
cellar to select
our wines.

But the best was the rooftop bar!
It reminded us of a mini version of The Delano in South Beach, Miami.

The restrooms were pretty cool too!

Except for this weirdo peeping
Wayne looking in the window!

Thanks for fun night out "Capricorn Cat"!


judith said...

What a cool place... those are the type places you just forget about the food and just have a wine with a cheese and fruit plate. Looked like fun!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

La Paz really is starting to get some beautiful places! So unlike Cabo San Pucas... Oops I mean Lucas. San Jose del Cabo and Todos Santos has some cool places too. Southern Baja has come a LONG way! Next time, vino y queso y fruta!

judith said...

Comprendo Espanol tambien! Soy listo vijar a Mexico.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That looks like a great place to hang out, bs, eat, drink, and be merry. Always nice to discover new hangouts, eh?