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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not Good...

Not good for the 78 people who did not make it through Gustav.
Not good for Cuba.
Not good for Louisiana.
Just not good.


Margarita Mirasol said...

Not good at all.

judith said...

Yeah, I agree... you see that yellow dot on the map? That's my Aunt and Uncle's house! Rita put two huge pine trees right down the middle of their house a few years ago. Cut their house right in half and crushed both bathrooms. They (both in late 70's) stayed in the house while renovating, peed in a bucket for months, never left, never took a penny of aide. Uncle said he'd lived there (in La.) his entire life, and was prepared (financially) to rebuild... that's just what you do when you live in a hurricane zone. Be prepared.

I'm just glad they are not busing evacuees to Texas this time.... long story, DON'T get me started.