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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Devin & Jamie's Visit ~ Part 1

Two of my Alpha Mortgage "co-workers", Devin and Jamie are here for a week.
We picked them up at the airport (last ones off the plane...) and delivered them in one piece to the Los Arcos Hotel.

So far we have enjoyed an incredible sunset from Salsipuedes Bar and Restaurant.

Enjoyed a wonderful dinner at La Boheme ~ our favorite restaurant in La Paz!And since it is our favorite restaurant, I won't tell you about my little problem with my leftovers...
I had a wonderful four cheese pizza and of course did not eat it all.
Asked for it to be wrapped up to take home.
Got all excited the next day ~ oh boy ~ I get to eat my leftover pizza!
But why is there liquid in the bottom of this container?
Pizzas don't leak...
Hmmmmmm... open the foil up and it's a piece of chicken.
Crap ~ this isn't pizza!
I'm not going to eat someone else's leftover chicken.
And that "someone else" has my pizza...

And we had happy hour on "Meerkat" with "Capricorn Cat" joining us.
Complete with a little Alta California vino!And some vino from Chile and Argentina.

Complete with cigars for the boys.Blech eeeewwww YUK smelly ick eeeewwwwww YUK ick barf!

Complete with watching Jamie try to feed our pet pelican a piece of cucumber.

And complete with watching Wayne and Carol make themselves at home on our boat. They almost act like they live here.And complete with sending a funny email to Jamie's parents, who are afraid someone is going to grab her, drug her and take out one of her kidneys to sell.
I wanted to email them a picture of a scar drawn on her back with a ball point pen but we edited it and just made a joke about a ransom note instead.
Hey, I wouldn't mind having a spare kidney in my freezer for when mine act up...
Hmmmmm... wonder where that girl is today...

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