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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 371'st Birthday to Geelizzie!

Is my sister, Elizabeth OLD!
Well, in dog years anyway...
Here she is when she was really little and wore matching dresses with our older sister, Linda who is really old in dog years. When she was a cowgirl with our brother, Gary who is pretty old in dog years too - remember I am the youngest!When she was a world jetsetter traveler and needed a new passport.When we (me, Donna and Liz-beth) were yachties boaters in Maryland.I guess they were afraid I was going to drown on land...

When she turned in to an adult.She was kind of a surly teenager, so I don't think she let anyone near her with a camera for several years...

I'm sure my family love the fact that I have 8 billion family pics scanned into my computer... but that's what they get for "allowing" me to sort of be in charge of my dad's memorial!!
Had to scan all these in for a slide show (one of his favorite things to torment do with his kids - watch slides of our lives (actually I loved this as a kid!)

She is a talented craftsperson, with a great sense of humor.
Click on my post title to be taken to her "etsy" shop!

Happy Birthday really old Liz-beth!
(Hey - she is the one that started this dog year thing ~ take a look at her blog!)


Elizabeth said...

thank you! Believe me, I did feel all of my 371 years when I got my old creaky body out of bed this morning!

judith said...

Love it!! I'm glad my younger sister doesn't have all the family pics loaded. I was the surly middle one too.

Love the Etsy stuff. I think Jolea's shipment is here!!! I'm dying to open it. She said last nite..."it's gonna be like Christmas!"

Tell Liz I'll send a website that has shaw pins. That's big business in the knitting world.