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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dairy Licks

So La Paz is sort of known as a place "where cruisers dreams die".
A place where cruisers get stuck and never leave.
Sound familiar? Oh no wait, we chose to move and live here. We aren't stuck.
A place where people find they are not boat-compatible or spouse-compatible.
So they get stuck or leave or leave their boat to become:
A derelict.

The mast goes.
The sails go.
The electronics if there ever were any mysteriously disappear.
The pelicans move aboard.
These boats (in my opinion) become a hazard.
When did someone last check the anchor or mooring?
If a hurricane comes and one of these breaks loose, who will be responsible for the damage the dairy licked causes?
How would you even find the owner?
Oh ok, we will just go after the pelicans, as the boat now belongs to the pelicans.
I'm sure the pelicans have boat insurance.
No worries!

At some point these should just get chopped up, burned, buried, made into a reef, something, anything but left to rot in the bay.

And besides, they take up valuable anchoring space.
They are eyesores.
They smell of pelican poop.
The are probably full of water and breeding mosquitos.

Take some responsibility for your crap folks!


judith said...

You gotta be kidding? People actually walk away from a boat? What did they do, hit their head? "Ah hit ma haed!" I guess some people say the same thing about people who walk away from a house. They can't sell them and raise money to lower mooring fees? Or like you said use them for reefs. Hell, Jolea would move aboard in a heartbeat!

I had no idea....

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ha ha - I like "Ah hit ma haed!" I can hear it now...