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Sunday, October 12, 2008

And Now Back to Our Outdated, Certainly Not Live Storm Watch Hurricane Norbert 2008!

Ok, all that you have been waiting for.
Hurricane pictures.
You pretty much have the story, so here is a gazillion words in pictures.
Figure them out for yourselves.Uh no. No can do. Have to talk.
Have to narrate. Have to explain.
Have to be in control.
Have to be in control of blog at all times.
Have to be in control of those six - yes six now - readers at all times.
Oh, wait here is some Nun Cream Liquor.
All good now.

And ok, Mom this is a JOKE!
Like most of the crap I write.
Anyway the pic above is the dark clouds coming in.
This is when I resorted to the Nun Booze.

This one shows the wind hitting the inner harbor ~ early on.
Notice that boat with the green trim and sail cover heeling over.Wheeeeeeeee doggies! What fun!
Oh wait, we are a catamaran.
We didn't do that.

This is Fluffy the Parrot and the Meerkats (Ron and Margi) prepping for the worst.
See, if I wasn't a control freak, how would you know who was in this picture?

And us prepping for the worst.
As a joke...

Uh, what's this one?
Oh yeah!
Norbert makes landfall!
We were kind of excited to see this, but at the same time, Puerto Chale is more Southerly than we thought the landfall would be.Uh category 2?

Check out the sand blowing in to the harbor.

And the hard working dock workers checking docklines, biminis, kayaks, dinghies etc.

This is when we knew for sure it was on land.
And for sure it was further South than the last forecast.But still ok!

And then our "Oh Yipee The Eye Has Passed Us Appletinis"!!!That we enjoyed while playing "Apples to Apples".
Our walk around the marina will follow.


judith said...

Good post. Yeah, it needed your narration, it wouldn't have been the same without it.

Jennifer said...

You always take the best pictures even in the middle of a hurricane!!! Glad you guys made it through just fine!!

Love the favorite oldest niece!!!

Margarita Mirasol said...

He he he. Love the prepping pics. You nutters.
Yeah, look at those mono's lurching to the side. I do miss the sound of tinkling masts...as opposed to my infamous slapping halyards. Evil roar.