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Monday, October 27, 2008

Who Needs TV When You Have Lightning?

We have had a GREAT lightning show tonight out towards Isla Cerralvo!
With a perfect view looking straight out of our cockpit.
Before you look at the photo attempts, REMEMBER we are on a boat.
A boat moves.
A boat moves even if it is tied up in a marina.
Putting a tri-pod up and walking away won't even help.
The boat will still move.
So I skipped the tri-pod and used the mono-pod Tim gave me (thanks Timay!) and hoped for the best.
Which didn't happen, but you still get the idea!

Some bolts have gone in a horizontal line across the sky.
I saw one that went in a circle!
One that looked like a giant pitchfork with 5 or 6 prongs.
And one that was a triangle...
I don't recall ever seeing quite a show like this one.

And the best part?
It was far enough away so we couldn't hear the thunder.
Which means far enough away so it won't hit our mast!


Margarita Mirasol said...

Amazing photos!
Right. Gotta teach.
Was hoping she'd cancel.
Not going over the hour tonight.
6-7. That'll be it.

judith said...

Great pictures...

Ray and Lucy said...

Pretty dang good pics for being onboard. I miss those follies. We don't get them here.

Jolea said...

so cool!