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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Two of Us Actually Did a Walkabout Town and Met Laz

Well, Jim had to go because we both needed to get our new FM3 pictures taken...
Not sure he went by choice!
So bank, photos taken, sit and drink some water and Jim is hungry, so I suggest a hot dog.
How convenient ~ a hot dog stand is 10' away.
Why do you think I suggested it?
So he orders, is eating his hot dog and talking to the hot dog man.
Talking, talking, talking.
Talking for a long time.
So I join the conversation and it turns out the hot dog man, Lazaro speaks perfect English and lived in SoCal for most of his life.
Laz said people are always taking pictures of him and putting the pictures on the internet.
I, of course am now obligated to continue this tradition.
So here goes...Then a haircut for Jim (sorry Jim that you couldn't get your picture taken after the haircut, but this was a way to burn time while the pics were being printed), poke in a junk store, a quick spin around the Solo Un Precio store, pick up pics, now we are sweating and need to walk the mile back to the boat.

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