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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Norbie 12:30 pm Update

The storm hurricane made landfall around Puerto Chale, which is in the Southern Bay of Mag Bay around 9:30 this morning as a category 2.
This was a more Southerly landfall than they expected, which brought the eye closer to La Paz.
In looking at the satellite pics, looks like the eye will cross over on the North end of Isla San Jose, about 50-60 miles from us.
We have had rain off an on, but not a lot.
But the wind!
Not scary stuff unless I am in the cockpit.
We have had a steady 30-40 mph wind, with some gusts LIKE RIGHT NOW up to 70 mph.
That was a STRONG one.
Ok, that one was even scary inside...
We have no electricity on the docks (using the laptop) and the marina workers are out checking docklines.
We have slammed the dock a few times and have seen white out on the water.
But all in all ok so far!
I even called my Mom on skype to let her know she doesn't have to worry about her favorite youngest!

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