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Saturday, October 25, 2008

No Name #7 Back to La Paz ~ Take The Long Way Home Day

"Someone" (we won't say who) wants to fish the backside of the islands really bad.
Keeps bringing it up.
Talk of dorado, wahoo, tuna.
So the "other one" finally agrees (actually I said ok pretty much right away).
So anchor up early on Friday and we motored up the rest of the front side of Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida.
Motored around Los Islotes and it started getting pretty lumpy.
There wind in the Northern Sea must have been blowing pretty good.
This made for not the most comfortable rides.
One thing I love about the Sea of Cortez is the flatness it has so much of the time.
This wasn't flat.
It wasn't bad, just not my idea of a relaxing trip in.
But eventually we heard one of those "ZINGS" our fishing poles make.
And then a jumping DORADO back behind the boat, doing his best to unhook himself.
Here we go again...
Get the gaff!
Grab the pole!
Ok, enough of this whacking them in the head with a winch handle (one more thing to clean), let's try the vodka in the gills trick.
Get the vodka!
Pour it in.
Hey - that stunned him.
Get the trash bag.
Put him in.
Put in cockpit.
Uh oh, he's sobering up.
Get the winch handle.
Whack, whack, whack.
Back to blood everywhere.
Jim cleans up this time.Motored along the backside of both islands.
A different view than the frontside with all of it's anchorages, coves and beaches.Then we start catching skipjacks.
A couple at a time.
I even had to take one off of the hook this time.
Oh well, one 3' dorado was worth dealing with a few skipjacks...
Motored back thru the San Lorenzo Channel and in to Balandra to clean the dorado and rinse ourselves off.
Then back to the marina...

But wait, there's more!
As we motored past the Pemex plant (Mexico's gasoline company) we got a laugh.Ok, I understand the "No Smoking" thing on a giant ship that carries oil, gas or some flamable liquid.
But really... come on?"Prevent pollution"?
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


judith said...

That's great!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Best oxymoron type picture EVER!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

What a waste of good vodka... At least the fish died happy.

Suzie said...

Heather - I love your blog so much! It is the best one out there bar non! Thank you! Mostly Thank You for being you! Love you - Suzie

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yeah well we couldn't pour the Scotch or wine on the fish now, could we?

Suz - please, please have another glass of wine! I love the compliments! You too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween! Can't wait to see this year's costume!
luv ya!
cyndi lou