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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chinatown a la La Paz

Yes, La Paz has a Chinatown.
All five buildings of it.
On what we call "The Financial Street", because is has a bunch of banks on it.
We have names for several of the streets, just not the right names.
"The Rancho Viejo Street", because Rancho Viejo is on it.
It's really "Manuel Marquez de Leon".
You tell me what is easier to remember...
"The Financial Street" is really "16 de Septiembre".
The town also has "5 de Mayo" and "5 de Febrero".
I (not sure if I should include Jim in this one) have enough time remembering all the dates I am supposed to ~ birthdays, dates things are due, dates our visas run out, you know...
Now I am supposed to remember Mexico's important dates?
Oops ~ off track here.
Anywho, back to Chinatown in La Paz.
A gift shop, a green building and a restaurant.

Oh look! Two more shops.

And around the corner ~ my favorite!
This sign makes me happy. Ok tour is over.
Just like San Francisco huh?


Ray and Lucy said...

I didn't know that LaPaz had a "Chinatown"...interesting. We would have visited, had we known. Looks like a great departure of the norm.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yeah well if you blink you will miss it...

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