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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lulu's Law School Graduation Fiesta!

Our friend Ricardo's sister, Maria de la Luz or "Lulu" as everyone calls her, graduated from law school!
She had such high grades, that she didn't have to take the test to become a lawyer.
A good reason to have a party!
And we were invited.

Last night ~ 9 pm.
They start their parties late here and with the heat, we now understand why.

Lots of family!
They all were introduced to us, however trying to keep their names straight?
And yes, John, Jim and I were the only gringos there.
What fun!

Ricardo, his cousin and cousin's daughter.The kids were the entertainment for me!
They all played together, invented games and watched out for the little ones.
They had a confetti fight, with one bag of confetti being tossed up into the ceiling fan and going everywhere.
Then they had to get more ammo by scooping the confetti off of the floor...
They also played "spin-the-bottle" ~ uh oh.
Isn't that a kissing game?
Luckily to them it was a "now you have to do something silly that I tell you" game.
Three girls with intricate hairdo's pulled up chairs to sort of be the judges.
The little boy in plaid wanted the baby.
He followed her around and even planted a big wet kiss on her lips.
Very funny and very entertaining.

The flirting, kissing boy even came to me a few times.Must have been the fact that I had chips at my table...

Dinner, drinks, dancing!
And Lulu looking fabulous!We stayed until 12:30, as we had an arrangement with a taxi.
I'm sure the fiesta continued until 2:00 am...

Congratulations Lulu!


judith said...

I'm always the only Gringa at the neighborhood fiestas. don't you just love their parties? Great food and loads of it.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I do love their parties! We talked today about how nice it was and how much fun we all had. It's kind of fun being the only gringos there too...

Anonymous said...

I go so regularly to my neighbor's fiestas that if I'm not there the out of town family members start asking where I am.