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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Someone Tried to Break Into My Car and Crap We Are Going To Haul Out Soon and Start of Big Bucks Fishing Tournament

Big day.
Lots of goings on.
First, tried to drive to the local grocery store, "CCC", pronounced "Say Say Say" and couldn't reach the gas, clutch or brake pedals.
Bro-in-law drove my car last, why can I not move the seat up?
Cause he had the car cleaned inside and out, so now the seat won't move up.
Ok, take Jim's truck and leave mine for him to fix.
Which he did - coins stuck in runners...
Fixed seats.
But he noticed someone had pried off quite a bit of the rubber seal around the passenger side window.
An attempt to most likely steal my "only new car I have ever had in my life" yes, I know the truck is almost 8 years old, but it's still new to me.
Later I noticed two windows had been struck with a hard, sharp object (hammer, winch handle?) in an attempt to break the windows - luckily they didn't break, but they are chipped and scratched pretty good.
So now I am paying another $22 / month to park my car inside the lot at the marina.
I hate you people who try to steal other people's property and/or have no respect for other people's property.

Then we went out to the boatyard that gave us a lifetime savings decent quote to haul last November.
Yes, I do understand it is now pretty much a year later... however???
And got a price to haul.
We have no bottom paint.
I hate being in the boatyard.
It will be hot. Dirty. Sticky.
But they do have two cool junkyard boatyard dogs there.
Yes, they are pitbulls, but are suckers if you even glance at them.
Give them water and they are your's for life.
So, we will be hauling within the next couple of weeks ~ hopefully.
Get that over with. Ick.

Then to Costa Baja where the start of a gazillion dollar marlin fishing tournament is starting tonight.
Lots of people around.
Fancy fishing boats.
Lots of shiny, shiny reels and expensive fishing poles.
Lots of fishing stories...
Probably too many fishing stories.
Tecate babes.
Tecate beers.
Chevrolet trucks on display.
So tomorrow we are going to go hang out there and watch the weigh ins and listen to the fishing stories.
And have a few Tecate babes beers!
We will leave the babes to the fishing dudes...


Margarita Mirasol said...

Sorry to hear about the rotters who tried to break into your car. Their time will come.
The rest of your story sounds like the boating life to me.
Especially the Tecate bit.

judith said...

Ditto on that about people taking other people's stuff. I just want to put a sign on my car... "I leave it unlocked because I don't want you to break the windows or cut the top open, therefore I'm not leaving anything of value in the glove box or console... go ahead, peruse through, just don't trash it, I may be kind enough to give you a ride someday..."