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Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Artist, A Ballerina and Six Cuban Students

I have no idea what that means.
None at all, but it came out of Alex's mouth when we were doing our second wine tasting.
The conversation must have been interesting.
Or not.
This time it was the Antares array of fine Chilean vinos.Oops, did I say fine?
I meant inexpensive.
Inexpensive at $62 pesos / approx. $4.70 US a bottle.

So after the ladies lunch, Sue and I hiked up the street to the really nice vino store as we only had one of the four bottles required on hand.
A little detour at the bar at across the street where another edition of "Heather's Small World" happened.
Met the mother and step-father of Darrin from G-Dock.
And that's a story in itself that all the G-Dockers will relate to.
We'll skip it for now.

Back to "Meerkat" where we had some lovely cheese and crackers along with my homemade sourdough bread.
And the wines.
We think the Sauvignon Blanc was the winner in the white division and the Merlot definitely took the reds.

Of course conversation turned strange - read the post title to boats and people we both know.
One boat and couple being Tony and Peggy of "Comanche" (and whatever their new boat's name is) who are also now on G-Dock in Ventura.
Alex and Sue said that Peggy would always end up getting a mini wine glass at Rancho Viejo (happened to me before too).
So we took this photo for her and emailed it from Alex and Sue's email account and our email account pretty much at the same time.Notice the Peggy size wine glass...
Asked her what was missing in the photo...
Meaning her (and Tony!).
Haven't heard back yet.
Either she is trying to figure out who the hell we are or how the hell can she get rid of us.