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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Time Between Christmas and New Year's Eve

Is being spent getting the boat ready, provisioning, visiting and being lazy.
All pretty much at the same time...
Hard to believe, I am sure.
Anyone who has cruised can relate.

Watching the mega yachts come in and go.
Now we have a sailboat mega yacht to watch.

What else?
Jim did another night with Tom C. until 1:30 am...
I wisely stayed home.

Dinner last night with Chuck and Moira of "Angelina" at La Boheme.
Thank you Chuck!

Filled the freezer with meats from Sam's Club.
Washed the rugs and rags.
Baking bread.

Starting the countdown until Alan and Susan arrive ~ 4 days and 2 hours.
We still need to do a last run to CCC for the fresh provisions.
Get Alan's favorite bacon from Bravo Market.
Buy Alan's favorite beans from the bean store.
Put the jacklines out.
Wash the yoga mats.
Vacuum and scrub the floor.
Change our sheets.
Move Jim's truck.
All things to do at the last minute, so today:
Be lazy!
It is Sunday after all!


judith said...

Sounds like fun.... I love getting ready for a trip.

Unknown said...

Hey Yous Guys;
Merry Merry and have a happy New Year. Fair Winds and Calm seas and all that good stuff. Talked to Stan. Said he was up for the return up the coast. How's the Scotch holding up?
Tim and Pam.

SailTime CA said...

I can hop on a plane to PVR with very little notice !

Jolea said...

oh hai! Happy New Year's and Merry Late Christmas! :)

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

The Scotch delivery comes today, courtesy of Alan and Susan!!! Jim is a happy boy :)