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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

We had a lovely (that's my new favorite word) dinner last night in the cockpit of "Meerkat", along with Alex & Sue of "Maitairoa", Erin & Paul of "Romany Star" and Bob & Janie of "Amiga".

But first the preparations.
Triple Sec injections in both the turkey and ham...
Yes, you read that right.
Triple Sec basting on the turkey too!
So the turkey was squeezed into our Smev.
It's a tiny little Swedish oven!
The ham went in the BBQ and the stuffing went into the oven on "Romany Star".
Basically food spread out all over the dock.

But we didn't care, because we had Paul's mulled wine!

Erin got mashed potato lessons...
She did a fine job of mashing!

We remembered where we had hidden all the food.
The timing was perfect on it all!

Jim enjoyed a leg-o-turkey!
In front of the fireplace even!

My plate.
Ham, turkey, potatoes, Jim's stuffing, Paul's green bean salad, cranberry sauce...
It was excellent!

Along with the friends, conversation and fun!
Dessert, provided by Bob & Janie was over the top.
Brownies with vanilla ice cream and spiced nuts!
A perfect ending to a lovely evening there's that word again.
A close second to being away from our family on Christmas Eve...


judith said...

Looks lovely! I really like your roaring fire in your cockpit....

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Triple Sec basted and injected turkey... COOL!

Oh, can you read a region 4 dvd? My dvd hard drive recorder from the telly only makes region 4. Watching the start of Sydney to Hobart.

Drop me a line at


judith said...

Jeff want's to know who the girl in the brown halter top is....

Suzie said...

Merry Day After Christmas, Jim and Heather! We love you guys!
Suzie and Kirby and our dog Jake

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yes we can Dave - will email you.

Ha ha Jeff - that is Erin, who is married to Paul and could be your mother (if she started at a young age).