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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tortilla Art

So when two cute little eight year old girls come running up to your boat to invite you to their "Creative Tortilla Contest" you cannot say no.
Then when the one announces the contest on the morning net, in that cute little tiny eight year old voice you really cannot say no!

Maya of "Kamaya" and
Aeron of "Don Quixote"
planned and judged the

Entries included two tortilla Christmas trees (one being mine), a snowflake, a ship, some edible creations, no idea, no idea, what the heck is that supposed to be and some beautifully painted ones!The girls even had prizes for the winners!
A scrabble game, books and a children's dvd.
I was awarded 4th place and am now the proud owner of the dvd "Nanny McPhee"!
Which I will shortly be passing along to the girls off of "Totem".Siobhan of "Totem", me, Aeron and Maya.


judith said...

Nice sculpture... I can't believe you got 4th...

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ha ha - me too.
But you have to remember it was 8 year olds judging... They picked one edible entry (which makes sense to me - and then they wanted to eat my entry).
I did win a better prize than 2nd or 3rd place - they got used paperbacks.

Ray and Lucy said...

Too cute!! You mean you are not going to keep that DVD??????

Anonymous said...

What a great idea those girls had....they're fated for wonderful futures, I'd say.
Your tree is really cute.
You had a norther, and we've got one coming in, with the temp way down this morning, and possible rain on the way......where's my warm jacket???