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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two Miles Tuesday

Another exciting day in the land of manana.
Jim worked with John and Ricardo until really late last night, or very early this morning ~ depends on how you want to look at it.
I had to be quiet, as Jim was still sleeping.
So off to yoga I went.
Still look like an elephant, but maybe not quite as big of an elephant.
I think between doing yoga every day and doing my two or three mile walks as often as possible, I am a slightly smaller elephant person.
Back from yoga I came.
Dishes, fed him, talked for awhile, uh what else?
Showered, took trash and recycles up.
Uh what else?
Time for a few miles of La Paz exploration.
There are a lot of steps in this town, so that has to count as some good exercise too!

Explored a little different area today, and found some beautiful buildings, doorways and what are probably beautiful walled gardens.

And saw that one of the National Geographic boats are back!
So yes, it must be winter!
This is the "Sea Bird".
When the "Sea Lion" comes in we have been invited over for lunch (we met the captain via vhf in Bahia Magdelana on the Pacific side back in March then in person here)!

And I broke down.
I broke down and finally bought some of the heavy Mexican glass wine glasses!We have gone from 8 wine glasses to 2 wine glasses since last Christmas.
Sorry John and Jennifer, but the lovely ones you gave us break if you look at them wrong.
So heavy Mexican glass it is!
Besides they are pretty.
And I do not like drinking wine out of plastic unless we are at anchor.
And then I often use real glass.
You can on a catamaran, you know!


Margarita Mirasol said...

Ha ha. One of the first things I bought in Mexico was a pair of the heavy duty margarita glasses. They could survive pitchpoling!

Suzie said...

They are lovely! I hate plastic too. I think it comes from too many years of drinking wine aboard a rolling boat. Glad you are still having fun exploring and wish I was there to do it with you. Take me in spirit next time!

Unknown said...

I love the new glasses! They're beautiful...

Kinda makes me want to have a Mexican Christmas and come enjoy them with you!

love you guys!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Oh Renee...
We would love nothing better.

Suzie-Q I will take you. Look for pics soon.

These glasses double as margarita glasses, I can just tell. Next spring overboard - margaritas in the Sea!

judith said...

those glasses are so chesp I'm getting a set of 8 when I come.... I'm in LOVE.