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Friday, December 19, 2008

Music School Orchestra ~ A Night on the Town

Tuesday night we went with Alex and Sue to the La Paz Music School's Orchestra performance at the old theatre in town.

Tickets were a whopping $20 pesos each ($1.54 US).

We stopped for a drink and appetizer on the way at Tequila's.

Then the walk through town.

And then a wonderful concert!
Jim and I really didn't expect much, but they were great!
The first violin player was a 15 year old and was amazing!And, are you ready for another installment of "Heather and Jim's Small World"?
Jim ran into Lulu (Ricardo's sister, we went to her law school graduation party, her son fished off our boat with Ricardo's boys) in the lobby and her son, Daniel played percussion in the orchestra!
So we got to see the whole family after the performance.
Again, how cool to go to something like that and it ends up we have a friend who is in the orchestra?

Then off to the parrot bar for a cocktail, where we had Sue pose like a dork tourist.

Then a few pics of the exterior of Tequila's just because.

Just because it is cool.

And it looked like someone who had math homework used their wall for scratch paper.

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judith said...

I missed this the other day... looks like a really cool town. I can't wait to come there.