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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Big "Norther" of the Season

Oh we are so very happy to be in the marina instead of being out at anchor!
When Southern California gets their "East Winds" or "Santa Anas", they blow all the way down the Sea of Cortez from the North.
All 800 mile or some huge distance.
The chop build up.
The seas builds up.

And the tides in the bay are often going out while the wind is coming in, so the boats will have their sterns or beams to the wind.
No thanks.

These boats are all stern to the wind.

Which is not normal.
Your bow is supposed to be facing the wind.
Which is why I never slept when we were here before...

We have had winds from 20-30 knots off and on since yesterday.

So Jim re-plumbed the port head.
I made sourdough bread.


Suzie said...

I can see a flag going the wrong way! We have done that, too. Not fun at all! Glad you are safely tucked into the marina.

Jolea said...

so nice! Oh p.s.... there is a 123' yacht in La Paz that needs a stewardess! I replied to the ad... I know it's not Slojo b/c they are like 150 something feet. They don't usually tell you the name of the boat till they get serious about talking to you so keep an eye out for one that size! They don't need the stewardess till January... hmmmm....:)

Anonymous said...

Can't say I miss that wind....here in Brisbane it is about 65 at night and 75 in the day...
I still haven't had a chance to play with my girlfriends...been busy running around to see Mom and my kids. having fun before Wayne comes home and I have to be "good".Sure miss you though!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Too bad photos don't really show how windy it is...
Hmmmm... wonder what boat (oops, I mean yacht) that is? "Tully" is longer than 123', "Ozark Lady" is a little shorter and they don't have a full-time stew, must be one at one of the other marinas. Going to one of the other marinas today, so will take a look for you!
Yeah, Carol, you be GOOD! Miss you too!

judith said...

Hey you had a dream that Jolea came there!!!