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Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Mega Bookends" or "His and Her's"

There goes the neighborhood...They are multiplying.
We are being surrounded.
Our boat looks tiny.
Our boat looks affordable.
They wash and polish the boat all day.
I wash the boat every great once in awhile.
And I don't even know if we have polish.


Jolea said...

LOL just kidding. you dont need to do that. I have decided to take up a life of leisure here at home permanently. Found a cowboy who will come pick me up, take me out, get me drunk, and drop me off back at home. sounds like a good gig right? lol! just kiddin... about you not asking... the cowboy part is true! ha!

judith said...

I feel the same as you over here in the hood. You wouldn't wast to trade boat payments with them would you?

Oh it wouldn't hurt to ask... you can't rely on cowboys... they get amnesia in the morning.

Jolea said...

that's what I like about cowboys.