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Friday, December 5, 2008

Pay My Way Book Review

I'm still trying to formulate my opinion on this one...

Jim said from the get go:
"Spoiled, whiny 20-nothing."

I think I will go with:
"If you want to go cruising, go.
Don't expect to have someone else pay your way.
There aren't sponsers for your living."

So this kid who sailed around the world by himself non-stop at the ripe age of 17 decided he wanted to "adventure" his way around the world with 4 friends on a sailboat.
And have sponsers pay for it.
He would do a documentary.
A website.
Film things.
Write a book.
Ok, well there are 1000's of us adventuring around, cruising, doing a website, filming, taking pics etc, and yes some of us will write a book.
But we didn't expect others to foot the bill or sponser us.

They made it from Southern Australia to Thailand, before the crew all jumped ship.
Including the captain.

So parts of it I liked ~ the reading about the places they stopped and explored.
The personalities and pettiness I could do without.
Ignore that part of it and it's a decent read.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

From South Oz to Thailand? Crikey, I could do that in a dingy. Buncha pansy wimps!

If you really want to do the round the world thing from South Oz, just head south into the roaring 40's and point your boat eastwards. A month or so later just turn north to Adelaide. No worries! Downwind the whole way --and bloody cold.

judith said...

I think I'll pass on this one and just read Embarrassment of Mangoes again. I don't want to read whining when I live with it all day at work.