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Monday, December 22, 2008

Damn Alaskan Dave Down Under Tagged Me

Hokee dokee ~ it's a commenters tag thing.
Click on my post title to be taken to the devil's post source of this little game.
Deal is, I take the last 10 commenters (is that even a word?) on my blog and tell a little bit about each of them and/or their blogs.
Then I answer a question about each of their blogs.
I'm going to follow in Dave's wake and do it in two parts, lemming that I am.
Part 1 being the little bit and part 2 answering the question.

So my last 10 comments have been from Jomamma, Dave, Jomamma, Jomamma, Jomamma...
Oh wait that's not going to work...
Start over.

#1 ~ Jomamma ~ Someone I have never met, but it seems we have a lot in common (except the kids part... I have none of those) and would be friends if (when) we do meet! She lives in Texas, works at a school, has a husband who has been going thru chemo and now radiation, has raised two kids (Jolea ~ see below) and has a lovely, FUN family who all get along and care about each other. Her goal is to find humor in everything. I think she does. P.S. She is a awesome knitter!

#2 ~ Alaskan Dave Down Under ~ Aaaahhh Dave. Funny, funny guy who used to live in Alaska and made the smart move to Australia. He takes excellent photos of birds and wildlife. He cooks awesome meals (also has a food blog) and apparently has a very tolerant wife. Puns galore. I think he spends a lot of money on bird food and a lot of time floating in his pool.

#3 ~ 1st Mate ~ Owns not one, but two sailboats! One that is being restored. Lives in San Carlos, Mexico with the MxSailor guy (see below). She sings, volunteers, is interested in her Mexican neighborhood and the Mexican culture. And I think she makes really good cookies and hopefully she will send some our way when MxSailor sails down the Sea...

#4 ~ Ray & Lucy ~ Two of our best pals for the last 14 or 15 years. They used to live on a boat 3' away from our boat waaay back in 1994 (when their dog thought our boat was his other boat). We cruised Mexico with them the last time down. Fun, fun people who now reside in Texas... they are awesome cooks, can sew excellent boat canvas and are just wonderful and loving all around. P.S. Ask them about the time they found a ransom note for their dog...

#5 ~ Carol on "Capricorn Cat" ~ Oh yes, my little blogging protege! Yep, I turned her on to the blogging thing. Wayne & Carol bought "Capricorn Cat" from our friends, Blair and Joanie. "Cap Cat" was our whole inspiration in buying our catamaran, so of course when we saw them pull in here, just had to meet them. Since I had posted a photo of their boat being moved by the marina crew (when Carol and Wayne were gone) I had to show this to her and the blogging took ahold... Blogging lessons followed!

#6 ~ Jolea ~ Daughter of Jomamma! And young enough to be my daughter... been working on mega yachts, catamarans, boats in the Caribbean and in Australia and is now pounding the docks in Fort Liquordale Lauderdale in hopes of finding a new boat. This girl can cook and clean like no one else! If you know any mega yachts looking for a stewardess, get ahold of her NOW!

#7 ~ Roz Savage ~ Ok, I am still trying to figure out how this well-known world ocean rower left a comment on my blog. Absolutely amazing! She has rowed single handed across the Atlantic and from California to Hawaii. She is doing this to educate the rest of us about the sad situation our oceans are in. Trash, plastic, debris and more. This is one incredible lady!

#8 ~ Markitos ~ Funny sailor surfer guy in San Diego. I think he is living at anchor on his boat. His brother had a boat here in La Paz and sounds like Markitos has sailed the Sea of Cortez. I don't know much else...

#9 ~ Overboard ~ Another funny one! Found her blog quite awhile ago by doing a search on sailing or sailboats. She bought a ferro cement boat in San Carlos ~ turns out bought it from Butch (passed away) and Linda, some friends from way back! She is teaching English in Japan and will be returning to her boat in a few months. She has been an inspiration to me in her travels and desire to live and explore the world, and to not do the 9 to 5 grind (sound familiar?) forever.

#10 ~ MxSailor ~ 1st Mate's Captain. The other half of the "owns not one, but two sailboats"! And is heading South in the Sea (oh I hope he brings us cookies!) about now. He paints lovely pictures, plays a few musical instruments and is doing a full restoration on one of the sailboats.

So now to all of my family... gee, not one of you are included in this?
Aaaggghhh ~ are you all still out there?
And Suzie and Kirby, sorry but you were #11 and you know how I always follow the rules...

Oh okay... I will cheat this one time!
#11 ~ Suzie and Kirby ~ Kirby was our neighbor back in Ventura in the old days too. We were so happy when he met the lovely Suzie. Ah, finally a nice lady for our friend! Sailing, cruising, food and a wedding later. Then they
cruised the East Coast without us and now live in South Carolina. She started the "Best Friends for a Day" saying! There, I typed it really, really small so no one will know I cheated.


judith said...

Does this mean I've been tagged and now it's my turn?

Does this mean I have no life and too much time on my hands?

Or does it mean I always have something to say?

I agree, we do have something in common.... we just don't know what it is yet, maybe its the appreciation for Mexican glassware and wine. And the feel of a fine pair of Crocs on our barefeet.

I'm going to need the rules to this game if I'm to participate?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ha ha! Yep, I will do part two then tag you. Except I won't tag Dave and no way in hell will I tag Roz!
Not quite sure what it means, but it was fun!

judith said...

I'm going to need tutoring in the fancy schmancy color coding and linking. Remember, my blog coach is out of state.

Suzie and Kirby Townsend said...

Oh, Heather, no. 11. That is my fault for not writing more but thank you for typing us little bitty!

I don't have 10 friends on my blog! No one ever writes but I can see who visited by the feed. I think probably I talk so much they don't feel like they can get a word in edgewise!

But your blog is the very best 'cause you are the very best!

Merry Christmas dear friend! Hug Jim for me and enjoy a nice glass of wine while you think of us and we will do the same! Love you!

Emi said...

I am still here. I was sick all last week and now I am trying to finish Christmas shopping before tomorrow. I have to go to the freaking mall tonight!!!! I would have been done last week but I was in bed the whole week.

We miss you both lots and hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!!

Love Your Favorite Oldest Niece!!

Ray and Lucy said...

OMG! What are you going to come up with next??? This is a good one though. I learned about some of your other followers. I've been reading their comments for awhile now trying to figure it all out...I'm not too experienced in the blog thing yet.

Thanks for your lovely words about old Ray and I (I've been able to call him old officially since yesterday...it's fun). We love you guys too and miss you. We miss Ventura too and would go back if all of our old crew were there.

Hey, now you would have to ransome two little devil dogs!

Jennifer said...

HAHAHA...Ok the comment that said it was from Emily was actually from me!! (just in case you couldn't tell by the way I put your favorite oldest niece) I just noticed that it signed it from Emily because I did not realize that she was still signed into blogger when I left it!!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I was kind of wondering if I had some other niece out there that I had never known about... then I looked at her blog and said, "Uh no, she is not my niece". And since I think I have only met her once she certainly wasn't going to be a favorite... yet.

Randy, Nena and Hook said...

Happy Holidays !! Be safe and warm. It's rainy and chilly up here. Have a wonderful New Year's and take it easy on the Scotch and Tequila.

Randy and Nena

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