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Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas! One Day Late...

We wished you all a Merry Christmas yesterday, you just didn't know it...
It was a pretty quiet holiday for us here.
Except for the millions of firecrackers being set off all night Christmas Eve.
I'm not quite sure I get that tradition...

We had one gift to open.
Yep one.
And it wasn't even from one of us.
Alex and Sue snuck it under next to our tree.

We had a lazy morning and afternoon.
Listened to Christmas music all day.
I enjoyed my favorite Christmas decoration ~ it has my sister's handwriting on it...

And we enjoyed a glass of dessert wine.

Then Tom and Tanya came for a visit!
All the way from Seattle.
We hadn't seen Tom in over 16 years!
And we had never seen Tanya before...

A walk down The Malecon to look at the beautiful lights and decorations.

Then on a hunt for an open place to have a margarita.
Ended up at this little place, which is basically an open air bar in a 7-11 parking lot...Jim and Tanya hammed it up a bit for the camera...
Tom must have been camera shy.

No part of this day felt like Christmas.
The one present thing.
The 80 degree weather.
The sunshine.
The margaritas.
Now the tree and plate are all packed away until next year.
No more Christmas music.
And the best part?
No lights to take down!

Happy Day After Christmas!


judith said...

Lucky you... I have to take Jolea's tree down now.

Suzie said...

It sounds to me like you had a traditional "UnChristmas". We have had many of those too! Take a hike, sit on the beach, have a picnic etc. Not bad, just different. Actually, very fun! Love you and Merry day after UnChristmas!

Evann Carter said...
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