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Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Fabulous Celebrity Tour by Chris and Lorry!

Oh yipee - time for another Celebrity Tour!
If you look back a couple of years ago on this blog, you will see that we had been lucky enough to be taken on a Celebrity Tour by Chris and Lorry of the Isla Navidad area, complete with views of the lagoon, breakfast at the golf course and a trip to the Isla Beach.
This year we signed up for the Celebrity Tour to La Manzanilla and Surrounding Sites!

First we pile into the baby blue Chevy Celebrity...
Get a trip down the fancy road to El Tamarindo where they don't let you in the gate unless you have a reservation for golf or lunch... and the last time Chris and Lorry had lunch there it was $100 US, so of course we didn't have a reservation.
And see a giant tarantula!This guy was at least 5" long.

Then a side trip to El Tecuan.
El Tecuan is the site of an abandoned drug money hotel, an abandoned air strip (remember drugs...) and a beautiful deserted beach!

The only hotel residents were some bats.
More eek.
We weren't warned about tarantulas and bats when we signed up for this tour!
About this time we were wondering if we could get our money back.
Oh wait, this was a free tour.

Ok down to the beautiful beach.

Oh the crowds...

Oh wait, that is Jim with the tour guides.
No crowds.

And we were lucky enough to be joined on our tour by Jungle Joe, professional wildlife photographer!How many of you can say that?

Then on to La Manzanilla for lunch, viewing the crocodiles (who rate a whole other post) and replacing my Mexican silver wedding ring...
The last Mexican wedding ring is at the bottom of the bay in Tenacatita...
Note to self:
Be carefull when tossing slimy chicken parts overboard with your left hand when your ring is too big.

A quick tour of the small town and a stop at the art gallery.

I liked the art gallery steps.
Who wouldn't?
Probably someone who had too much to drink and had to walk up these things in the dark.


Suzie said...

I especially liked the ancient ruins. The tarantula is pretty cool too! Miss you.

judith said...

On this side of the border we're hearing all kinds of warnings about travel over there. Yet you guys don't seem to be seeing gunfights in the streets or anything. Must just be the border towns.