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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paraiso ~ Finally!

We had always heard of this tiny little anchorage, but never had the opportunity to go in.
Until this trip.
We put out a stern hook to leave room for "Lovely Reta" who joined us.

Unfortunately for them, we got in first and ended up being in the choice spot.

More on this later.

The beaches all have planted coconut palms, with the main beach having a ranch style house and beautiful pool area.All off limits.
All privately owned.
So we swam, kayaked, dinghied and explored the main bay, the surrounding small bays, rocks and islands.
We played a few games on our boat in the late afternoon and watched the wind come up.
Watched the wind come up directly into the anchorage.
Which brought swells and seas.
Directly in to the anchorage.
We were sitting pretty good, but it made for a rolly, lumpy, bumpy night for "Lovely Reta".
Maybe another time when we have a Southerly...

1 comment:

1st Mate said...

I had been wondering about Paraiso when we came down, but it was moot since we passed it in the middle of the night. Sounds like you made the best of it, and sounds like monohulls should give it a miss.