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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Puerto Vallarta Old Town Isn't So Old Anymore

Time to see how things have changed!
And wow, have they changed!
"Grey Max", "Pacific Jade", "Lovely Reta" and the Meerkats all hopped on the chicken bus in La Cruz, then the other chicken bus mid-town and about an hour and a half later we were in Old Town Puerto Vallarta.
Not that anyone in the old gang would recognize it...
A whole new malecon!New tall buildings!
New restaurants!
New shops!
It was actually still nice though...
Long bus ride so time for some mango margaritas!And breakfast.
In that order too.
Then posing with some burros we picked up.

John and Debby of "Lovely Reta".


And Deb of "Pacific Jade" getting very friendly with the little guy.At least we hope it was a guy.

Found some interesting shops and rides.

The hanging bridges over the rio are still the same!

In fact, I think exactly the same.
No upkeep.
No new boards.
No new fasteners.

Then we got sucked in to a small restaurant on the island in the rio for another beverage...That waiter was quite the salesman!

Then shopping in the rio shops.

Deb is now Rasta Deb.


Meghan said...

Mango margaritas?!?!? Sounds yummy. Less than 5 months until I can legally drink in the United States. If I were in Mexico, I would be sipping those with you!

judith said...

Big buildings, big beverages, big fun...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.....gotta dig out my pics from when we were there with you. I remember walking down along the rio and going to some of the shops, after lunch at that restaurant up in the top of some building farther up the hill.....good lunch, worth the climb up the stairs.
Wish my pill instructions didn't say "no alcohol".....a margarita would taste so good right now!