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Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patrick's Day in Banderas Bay

Well what better way to spend a holiday ~ boogie boarding with John and Debby!
And dressing up Russell and Lori's dog...Alice joined us too.The adventure started when John, Debby, Jim and I walked through town and up the hill to the bus stop carrying three boogie boards, backpacks and bags full of necessary beach paraphernalia.
John and Debby's necessary beach paraphernalia included a small bottle of vodka to mix with juice.
Only when John was getting his bus money out of his pocket, the backpack carrying the necessary beach paraphernalia of vodka fell.
So Debby starts up the bus stairs and down the aisle and the backpack is now leaking vodka.
So we get off the bus to deal with the leaking backpack and tell the bus driver to go ahead, but he insisted we get on.
Now the steps and aisle are all wet and slippery.
Not good.
Thankfully the Mexicans tolerated us once again...
Ok to the beach where we met up with Russell and Lori.
And this guy...Well, we didn't really meet up with him, but we Debby, Lori and I are going shopping to buy our hubbys similar outfits...
Oh! I hope I can find Jim this exact bathingsuit!

We boogie boarded our brains out.
Debby and I had so much salt water up our noses, so I am sure when it leaked out it took some of our brains with it.And entertained people on the beach with our decorations...
We took Russell and Lori up on a ride back to the marina in the back of their truck.
After all, it was time to clean up and get ready for the evening!
A night out with Wayne and Carol of "Capricorn Cat".
First stop, Brittania in La Cruz, where Jim was so very happy to have a non-Mexican beer!

Reminded us of Davey-boy (Dave Holien).

Well prepared bars...

Then to a few places in the next town ~ Bucerias!
A stop here, a stop there.
Music coming from several restaurants.
We had some street tacos.

Found my dream car.
Listened to a Mexican rock band that was awesome!
The played everything from The Beatles, Guns & Roses to Santana and Mana!
A look at Jim's watch told us it was time to head back ~ it was midnight after all!


Ray and Lucy said...

Hey Heath, when you find that lovely bathing suit for Jim, would you please buy and extra,large for Raymie. I think he would look quite dashing in that suit.

Glad you had a great St. Pat's day. It sure was a full one. You guys have the right idea about how to enjoy PV. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Wonder where on earth he found that bathing suit?? Maybe someone made it for him? And the hat's good, too.
The beach looks great, especially the places to sit in the shade when you need it.
Looks as if Jim's forgetting his sunscreen.....slather it on him twice as thick!