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Monday, March 16, 2009

"Jambo" Night Party

Well Evan and Flossie pulled out their finest.
Their finest wine they had in the bilge.
Their finest wine they had in the bilge since California.
Which has been years.
Years and summers.
And it was "Two Buck Chuck".

So we did a little celebratory toast.Then poured it overboard.
And then opened a better bottle.

Then went to dinner at Philo's.
And listened to the band...
The band that includes Edward Thimblehands!


judith said...

Sounds like ya'll are going to have some good times in this port.

Jennifer said...

Is that an old clothes wash board and thimbles? They should offer to teach people how to play the instrument in school!!

Travis and Maggie said...

Awesome, I'm going to try that thimble playing!